Budget Tracker

| Last Updated: 12/18/18
Angular application with aspnet core web api and MySql as a backend database to track expenses. I've tried to make the process of adding a new expense less than 5s. Expenses are groupped by category, so adding a new gas bill should take around 4 clicks, and angular interface makes it very smooth to operate in mobile devices. Other features include Filtering expenses by category and date, option to check an expension location in maps etc. Statistics page offers chart and text data for expense groups (here is a chance you will find out your car is not as economical as you thought it is), total of expenses for the selected dates, and distribution by category in last 12 months with a bar chart. Another feature I've added lately includes the ability to add expenses when there's no network connection, thanks to PWA, you can browse and add different bills, they will be syncronized autoamtically when conectivity is available.

Board Time

| Last Updated: 12/18/18
board-time! Is a project management web application created in mvc 5 This application is all about to simplify the work progress. By setting TODOS/tasks, to remind you about your progress and the remain of your work. Set the Roles for each user, give each user the right access type Create categories of the tasks based on the priority or type of task. Share the work between specifik users/team members, give each user its own duty. Create the projects. Share projects between team members. Manage the tasks. etc Very easy to use, quick learnable. How to do it? Check Wiki !